It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!

We've started a bit of a mission, to establish the tastiest combinations of Jeffrey's Tonic with the best garnishes for lovely adult soft drinks and also the best gins and garnishes for what we think are your ideal Gin and Jeffrey's.

We think all the recommended mixes work really well, but one thing we have learned is that everybody's different. We're always open to suggestions.  These are particular favourites, but do let us know what you think.  Just respond on the Contact Us page.

By the way, you might be interested in a bit of background to tonic syrups, with this video..

Bartenders love the NSP for its ability to create great bitter cocktails - try a whisky or gin old-fashioned, for instance, with a measure of say a Speyside malt, or a Whitley Neill Premium London Dry, or a Manchester Spiced Rum, plus a measure of Jeffrey's Not So Plain and a measure of club soda.   Absolutely superb, every one.

We've put together the tasting wheel and sample menu below, which we hope will give a bit of an indication of what pairings we have found to go best with the different Jeffrey's recipes.  There's nothing hard and fast, of course, but these are our thoughts.  Your comments, as always, much appreciated!

Awesome mixes - a sample menu from Hampton Court 2019

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