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You're in for a treat

Here at Jeffrey’s, we think it’s about time we thought again about how good a tonic can be.

We have nothing whatsoever against gin. We love gin!


The whole tonic thing has taken off, with so many different plain, clear, fizzy tonics available. But there must be a place for tonics which also taste great. Enter, Jeffrey's!

Jeffrey's tonic syrups and tonic waters are made from genuine herbs and spices, which make every one of them taste wonderful.  

To make up tonic water the syrups are made to be added about 1:5 with soda, or how you please.  Because they are syrups, they can work brilliantly with cocktails, just as they are.  But we also have the just best tonic water, ready made and from the same delicious base.

Plus, they have no artificial anything!

Wonderful flavours..
Not so Plain

So much effort has been put into gin botanicals, we wanted to simplify your tonic - in a good way!

We 'simply' use Cinchona bark and organic Sicilian lemon juice and our special process to make a very smooth, balanced and refreshing drink by itself.

'Not so plain' tonic of course has the quinine edge, but does not have the overbearing bitterness of 'normal' tonics, which means that complex gins open up beautifully - they are not closed down by the tonic.  Just try it!

Original recipe

Our first recipe was based around some long time spent in the Far East, where we developed a taste for the warm spices of Malaysia.

Cassia, clove and allspice all come together in what would be a warm, enfolding, almost Christmas, experience - were it not for the fact that it is brilliant with ice and soda!


Amazingly, this works wonderfully with whisky and ginger.

Lime, Galangal & Orange

This one is perfect for a sunny day, perhaps watching the tennis.  

The distinctive flavour of organic lime juice comes through, with a subtle background of galangal - another unusual, but delicious, Far Eastern and citrus echo.

Yarrow, Rosehip
& Elderflower

And finally, some might say, the best of the lot.  The lovely delicate flavour of Yarrow, with the roundness and warmth of rosehip and the familiar note of elderflower, which does work so nicely with a gin.


It really does work well with gin, but we are very proud to say that it is a very nicely adult drink for when you're 'just saying no'.

What's the story?


We started with a book for Christmas..

Recipes for home-made tonics in the book didn't quite stack up.  They failed to make the cut.  But the principle absolutely did.  With a bit (actually, loads!) of recipe development, it worked well enough for friends and family that it inspired us to make more.


We didn't quite understand how much work would be needed to extend the range and to perfect them so that they look as wonderful as they taste.

But we just had to find the best, completely natural combinations of herbs and spices for yummy, interesting drinks. 


You won’t find tonics for sale anywhere in the world like this.

Everybody's saying it..

Jeffrey's is a new concept in tonic and a wonderfully refreshing range of really interesting flavours that you're going to love.

You know your stuff - Enjoy a cooling Jeffrey's!


The great thing about Jeffrey's syrups is that they can work in cocktails, as well as 'just' (ha!) in a Gin & Tonic.  


They all work with gin, and vodka is obviously an easy mix, but you might be surprised how well the 'Original' goes with whisky.


The sun’s over the yardarm, have yourself a Gin and Jeffrey's!


If you’re not drinking alcohol, have yourself a tasty adult drink for once! None of your ‘just a tonic water, please’, or ‘I’m driving, so I’ll just have a lime and soda’.   You don’t have to put up with stuff you don’t really enjoy that much. Jeffrey’s is an ‘adult’ drink, with no compromise on flavour enjoyment, filled with a tasty range of natural herbs and spices, with organic Sicilian lemon or lime juice.

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Lift Your Spirits!



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